Well, this is my very first Christmas in California, even though I have lived here for years.  I normally fly home to Detroit on Christmas but this year it was too expensive so I am spending the holidays alone in California, something I have never done before.

I thought I would be sad, not being with my family on Christmas, but to be honest, it doesn’t feel like Christmas here.  I am from the midwest where there is snow and freezing temperatures.  You have a roaring fire in the fireplace while opening presents.  Yes, every store is playing Christmas music (even though Target already has their Valentine’s Day stuff out) but it just isn’t the same as a Midwestern Christmas.  It feels like a normal day–except I don’t have to go to work and all the stores are closed.

So I thought about how I would spend my first Christmas alone.  I was going to see a movie at the iPic Theaters in Old Town but the movie I wanted to see (The Hobbit) is sold out for the day.  I am having dinner with friends but not until later this evening.  So I decided to create new traditions based on my family traditions.

Every Christmas, my Mom makes her famous pistachio cakes as gifts for friends, co-workers and neighbors.  I made my first cake last year for my California Sister.  But since I am in California this year, I decided I would make pistachio cakes for my neighbors.  So I spent the morning baking cakes (and discovering American Horror Story on Netflix–odd combination, I know).  Later on, I will deliver the cakes, starting a new tradition here in California.  We’ll see how my neighbors respond.

Merry Christmas, everyone!