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PasadenArt Weekend

This weekend is a celebration of Art, Food and Entertainment here in Pasadena.  Known as PasadenArt Weekend, a series of events focusing on art, entertainment and food kicks off tonight with ArtNight.  For more information, check out the websites for PasadenArt Weekend, ArtNight, Art of Food, ArtWalk and the ArtRhythm. Last year, as I started my mission of trying something

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Learning Self-Awareness Through Yoga: Personal Challenge, Day 108 (1.2.13)

A while back, my acupuncturist, Dawna Ara, mentioned I should check out The Awareness Center in Pasadena during my personal challenge to try something new every day.  She mentioned that they practice Kundalini Yoga and that it could help me with the effects of Endometriosis. A year and a half ago, my doctor realized that I was compensating for my

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