Burning my past away

Tonight is the last Full Moon in 2012, also known as the Long Nights Moon.  But others also like to refer to tonight’s moon as the Reindeer Moon.

Reindeer are animals that are completely in tune with their environment, adapting their fur and diet for the cold winter weather.  So according to Kristen Madden in the Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook, we should use this as an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and our environment.  She suggests going out into nature (or the least undisturbed area close to you) and focus on the natural world.  Use all your senses to take in the landscape and reconnect with “All That Is.”

Others feel that the “reindeer moon” requires going beyond a connection with your environment and should be an opportunity to reconnect with those around you.  In Native American traditions, a reindeer on a totem pole represents the enhancement of communication, social skills and family ties.  With the holidays, we are presented the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, many whom we only see once a year.  Now is the time to play catch-up or maybe to even reach out to those who have drifted out of our lives.  It is never too late to reconnect with someone you care for.

And with the new year fast approaching, this is also a great opportunity to let go of the old so that the new can enter our lives.  I personally tried this last night.  For the first time, I decided to light a fire in my living room fireplace.  I had found a box of old letters and books from my past, a past I have had trouble leaving behind.  So I figured it was time to burn my past, the whole ashes to ashes bit.

Deborah Blake offers another past-cleansing ritual.  In Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook, she writes:

Dim the room lights, pour some water into a bowl, and place a white candle behind it to reflect onto the water.  Take some deep grounding breaths, light the candle and visualize the things you are letting go of.  Gently swish your hands in the water to release them.  Then visualize what you wish to bring into your life and say the spell …

I wash my hands of what once was
To make room for the future
Clearing off the past because
The present I would nurture
The old is out, the new is in
Shining bright before me
I open wide and so begin
Endless possibility