For some reason today, I had a craving for a good ole Detroit Coney Dog.  But I am in Los Angeles, not Detroit so I need to find some place that makes a good hot dog similar to my hometown favorite.

wpid-2012-12-19-16.51.22.jpgPreviously I had tried the Dog Haus but it wasn’t the same as back home.  I have also been to Pink’s, again, not a Coney dog.  But on Yelp, I read reviews that The Slaw Dogs in Pasadena is one of the best, and most unique hot dog places in Los Angeles.  Actually, they have several locations in the LA area.  So I decided to check to check out the one in Pasadena.

wpid-2012-12-19-16.51.38.jpgWhen I arrived, I couldn’t quite figure out the parking situation so I just parked on the street in the 1 hour free parking zones.  Inside, the decor is reminiscient of a bar but the family section of a bar.  There are tons of options, including “build your own” style hot dogs.  I asked for recommendations but their most popular items seemed to be heart attacks waiting to happen.  And I was craving something close to the Detroit Coney dog.  So I chose the traditional hot dog with Chili, cheese, onions and mustard.

wpid-2012-12-19-17.12.02.jpgSince I was the only customer, the service was fast and I was on my way home with my “doggie” bag.  Upon first glance, the hot dog looked good.  But my taste buds were disappointed.  It wasn’t even close to a Coney dog.  It was good, don’t get me wrong.  It is a good hot dog but not exactly what I was craving.

So my search continues for a Detroit Coney Dog out here on the west coast.