wpid-IMG_20121218_173956.jpgWith the chilly temps, I have been craving my comfort foods.  So after therapy, I decided to head into Arcadia to one of my favorite dumpling restaurants, Din Tai Fung.  But as I was driving south on Baldwin, I realized there were several other dumpling houses that I have not yet tried.  So of course I decided to stop and try something new.

I stopped at The Dumpling House.  I was going to just order take-out but there was no one else in the restaurant.  The guy working seemed lonely so I thought I would stay and keep him company.

wpid-IMG_20121218_174705.jpgI ordered the Steamed Dumplings (they only have pork) and the Wonton soup.  First of all, a dumpling house is not a place for a single person.  There are no “one serving” options.  So if you go alone, expect to take home a lot of leftovers.  The soup was way too much for just me.  It was good but I will be eating it for days.  Also, the dumplings order comes with ten dumplings.  Again, way too much for just one person.  Go in a group.

Overall, it wasn’t bad but Din Tai Fung is a lot better.  The dumplings were a little too doughy.  But there were many other options on the menu.  Perhaps it would be worth going back to try something else.