I live in Los Angeles, specfically the area that was ravaged by the Station Fire last August.  This past week, we actually had a “Mudslide” Day, evacuating all the schools north of Foothill.  So I thought I would make myself a mudslide drink on Mudslide day.

Chilly Chocolate Mudslide: (Hungry Girl, Pg. 245)  This is an easy drink to make.  Just combine all the ingredients into your blender or Magic Bullet and you are good to go.  It’s not exactly the same as the Mudslides you would get at TGIFridays (It’s missing the Kaluha).  It’s not bad.  It was a little too chocolatey for me so I added a scoop of Fat Free Frozen Vanilla Yogurt.  That added 45 calories to the 158 calorie drink.  I would definitely recommend this for a night in–a rainy night waiting for the mud to slide down the hills.