Tonight I was feeling hormonal, craving junk food.  But since I didn’t want to break my diet I searched through the Hungry Girl books and found the solution.  A milkshake and pizza–perfecto!!

Perfect Pepperoni Pizzas: (Hungry Girl, Pg. 108)  For this recipe I bought the Weight Watchers english muffins and cheese.  I used Prego sauce (which means “you’re welcome” in Italian).  And I baked it in my Toaster Oven.  That is the beauty of being single, you can survive with a Toaster Oven over a conventional one.  (I do have one of those but like Carrie Bradshaw, I use it for storage).

I LOVE this recipe.  The Turkey pepperoni tasted like the regular stuff but without all the grease.  I highly recommend this 190 calorie meal.  It was very filling.

Cravin’ Cap N’ Crunch Shake: (Hungry Girl 200 under 200, Pg. 189) Obviously you have to like Cap N’ Crunch cereal to really love this shake.  This is 192 calories and 4 Weight Watcher points but it definitely satisfies the junk food cravings.  I made this in my Magic Bullet and loved every last drop.  I would recommend testing this out on your kids, if you have any.  I would be curious to know what they think.