On Friday, I ordered Red Robin takeout with my friends.  I never realized before how hard it was to find a meal under 500 calories.  I settled for their dinner salad and French Onion Soup.  I love their French Onion soup but it was over 500 calories.  I only ate half of the soup to keep in line with my diet.  So when I was flipping through my Hungry Girl book, looking for new recipes to try, I found the Hungry Girl French Onion soup.  I was curious to see how it would measure up to the restaurant version so I heade out to buy all of the ingredients.

Freakishly Good French Onion Soup: (Hungry Girl, Pg. 48)  I was surprised how good this was.  One serving is 113 calories (as opposed to the 525 calories at Red Robin).  I also noticed it was not as salty as the restaurant versions.  I’m thinking I am going to make this in bulk in my crock pot, letting it slow cook to perfection.  Then I can divide it up into individual servings for quick meals during the week.  I highly recommend this recipe if you like French Onion Soup.