Monthly Archives: January 2010

Hungry Girl Weekend #2

This weekend we decided to have a theme–mexican recipes with American flavor.  We chose all of our recipes from the Hungry Girl 200 under 200 recipe book.  We chose an appetizer–Holy Moly Guacamole; a meal–Cheeseburger Quesadilla; and a dessert–Strawberry Shortcake Bites. Holy Moly Guacamole: (Hungry Girl 200 under 200, Pg. 112)  This tastes just like guacamole but it is only

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Hungry Girl: All on My Own

During the week, I decided to try out some of the Hungry Girl Recipes on my own.  Since I was determined to perfect the Butternut Squash fries, I bought another Butternut Squash.  I made the fries in my toaster oven this time, broiling them for 20 minutes.  They were perfect.  But since I am one person, I didn’t make the

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Hungry Girl Weekend #1

Last weekend was our very first Hungry Girl Weekend.  We used my new Hungry Recipe Cards and we picked out a few recipes to try.  (These recipes are also found in the Hungry Girl books).  We decided to try Lord of the Onion Rings, Ooey-gooey Chili Cheese Nachos, Bake-tastic Butternut Squash Fries, and Gimme Gimme Smores Sandwich. Lord of The

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