Today VEVO premiered Katy Perry’s new video, “Dark Horse.” Earlier in the month Ms. Perry released a trailer for her video, letting everyone know the video wouldn’t have the same witchy feel like her Grammy performance. Instead, she was going with an Egyptian theme.

Personally, I liked the Grammy performance. It showed a darker, stronger and more serious side to the pop star. But she went right back to her bubble gum style with the official video. I still like the song but I am disappointed with music video. The bright colors and comical play on stereotypes does not fit the lyrics of the song. She played right into the hands of her demographic audience instead of attempting to reach those who were intrigued by the audio version of the song. Oh, well. I guess I will just have to look forward to the parody versions of the video–SNL, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel or the like-minded.