I may be a Libra but I am by no means a girly girl.  I grew up hanging out with boys and was never into the girly things like make-up, shoes, fashion and hair.  But last weekend, during a single girls weekend in Santa Barbara, I learned a little bit about being “girly.”

In the morning, the other girls took turns in the bathroom getting ready, applying their make-up and doing their hair.  I am not a morning person, never have been so I take my shower at night–I like having those few extra minutes of sleep in the morning.  And I can’t even function until my first cup of coffee has kicked in.  The whole idea of doing all kinds of beauty stuff in the morning is completely foreign to me.

So I sat there, drinking my morning cup of joe and watched in amazement as my friends pulled out their make-up bags and meticulously put their “faces” on.  I am the type to just slap on my moisturizer, put on eyeliner and I am good to go.  I was fascinated by all the many different layers of make-up being applied–primers, highlighters, foundation, bare minerals, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc.  I only do all this stuff on a special occasion–and I usually call over my gay make-up artist friends to do it for me.  My female friends do this every day.  They told me it really wasn’t that hard.  I guess I can go to a place like Sephora and get instructions on how to apply my own make-up.  But again, it seemed like a lot of effort, especially in the morning.  I don’t think I am quite up to that kind of a challenge (again, I am not a morning person but I have a job that requires getting up very early in the a.m.).  Now on the other hand, their nighttime rituals, that was something I could probably start doing.

Again, at night, there is so much more to be done besides washing your face and applying moisturizer or serum.  There are face masks.  My friend Ida gave me a Korean paper facial mask packed with vitamins.  I tried it last night and even though I looked like Michael Myers from Halloween, I do have to say it felt pretty good.  Once I got past the slimy feeling, I noticed the cool tingly sensations occurring all over my face.  Yep, this kind of stuff I could get used to.  I used to do very basic facial masks with my friends in high school–we would put egg whites on our faces and cucumbers on our eyes.  So I went to Target and realized there are all kinds of facial mask options.  I bought two different kinds–a green mud mask (like you see in the movies) and a white pore cleansing mask (which I am wearing right now as I type this).  I can totally do this.  I can do the girly nighttime beauty routine (the make-up thing is going to take a hell of a lot more effort to learn but this is a start).

So now as I sit here with a glass of wine and a white pore cleansing facial mask, I am feeling very feminine.  Granted, I am watching Psycho right now and laughing (probably not a girly thing to do) but there is only so much progress that one can make in a day.