With friends visiting from Germany, I actually had the chance to play tour guide in Old Town Pasadena.  With a quick ride on the Metro Gold Line into Old Town, my friends got their first taste of Pasadena at night…and they loved it.

We walked up and down Colorado, searching for the perfect place to eat.  I used my Yelp app but the most appealing restaurants were already closed for the night.  My friends said that they wanted real California food…meaning real Mexican food.  So we made our way to one restaurant but they didn’t like the lack of seating so I told them about this restaurant that I had recently tried, El Toreo.  They were sold so we made our way over to Fair Oaks and Colorado.

Chicken Enchilada Meal

Wanting to keep up with my challenge of trying something new every day, I decided I would order something different on the menu at El Toreo.  Last time, I ordered the carnitas but this time I went for the Chicken Enchilada meal and I wasn’t disappointed.

My friends also tried different meals, from the special sampler plates to the Tamales to the Mexican Cervezas.  They couldn’t get over how much food we were given.  Every meal ordered turned into two (all of us except one had doggie bags).  So obviously, I would recommend this to anyone, including three German exchange students visiting for the weekend.