Once again, I found myself taking one of my friends to a restaurant I discovered on my personal challenge.  Tonight, it was a return trip to Hook Burger.

The Prime Burger

The evening started off with a trip to Union Station.  Now that I live in a house, my parents finally sent me all of my Halloween decorations that I was storing at their home in Michigan.  Halloween is my favorite holiday so over the years, I have collected enough decor to decorate several houses.  But when I moved to back to Los Angeles in 2008, I had to part with my favored decor.  My parents, and some of my friends’ parents, agreed to keep using my decor until the time when I had a house of my own to decorate.  Well, that time is now (even though it is a rental home).

Our Beer

So my parents boxed up all of my Halloween tubs and shipped out my precious cargo via Amtrak’s Express Shipping.  My California sister offered to come with me to pick up my boxes.  She has an SUV and we rented a uhaul trailer for my 15 boxes.  We managed to pick up all of my boxes at Union Station, unload the boxes at my home and return the uhaul all by 7:45 pm.  We were both way too exhausted so I offered to buy her dinner for helping me out.  She requested returning to the Burger place I had tried earlier in my challenge, Hook Burger.

Hickory Burger

This time, I decided to order the Prime Burger while my California Sister opted for the Hickory Burger (it has bacon, her favorite).  We both ordered beer and fries then sat down, ready to enjoy a girls night out with burgers and beer.

The Prime Burger was amazing but I would have to say that I do prefer the Bistro Burger that I enjoyed at my last visit.  My California sister said she was in heaven.  This was the best burger she had ever had and she loved the shoe string fries.  She too was now hooked on “Hook Burger.”