I love living in a big house but I really hate cleaning it.  I have friends coming to visit this weekend so I really need to clean house.  With all of my activities, I have let certain things go–like the dishes, laundry and dusting.  So once again, I have to opt for a quick food trial adventure today so I can spend my evening cleaning before my friends arrive.

My college roommate recommended that I try Father Nature’s Lavash Wraps and More in Old Town Pasadena, located on De Lacey, just north of Colorado.  Since my former roommate has never steered me wrong in the food department, I thought I would take her suggestion and try Father Nature’s on my way home from work.  And after a little research, I discovered that many people agree with my roommate.  Pasadena Views lists Father Nature’s Lavash Wraps and More on their 365 things to do in Pasadena list.

It is a small little place, not much to look at in terms of decor–extremely casual dining would be the appropriate description.  I asked for recommendations and the woman working there recommended the #8 wrap: The Double Pleasure.  First of all, I like that the title is a double entendre.  But it combines two food that I consider to be Mediterranean staples: Falafel and Shawarma.  Thanks to my students (and our PTSA) I am very familiar with Mediterranean food.  This warp seemed like the best option, and I got a kick out of saying “I’ll take a Double Pleasure to go.”

Double Pleasure Wrap at Father Nature’s in Pasadena

So my review, I was definitely pleased with my double pleasure wrap.  I am hooked and I would definitely go back.  Actually, I can’t believe I didn’t even think to order a side of hummus.  For me, the quality of the hummus says a lot about a Mediterranean food establishment.  I guess I am just going to have to go back.