Today an accident occurred in my home leaving two injured and another with critical life threatening injuries.  It is a sad day today.

The morning started off fairly normal, for Spring Break.  I was excited when the mail arrived and I received the packages that my parents sent me from Detroit.  I have been waiting for these boxes that contained Thomas the Train bedroom decor for my honorary nephew, Lex.  The other box contained Pirates of the Caribbean decor for my real nephew’s bedroom in my house.

My mother had mentioned that she sent some of my Christmas presents that I had left behind.  So as I started unpacking the boxes, I realized that she had included my 7 Michigan Gnomes.  My heart started to pound when I noticed that they were not bubble-wrapped.  They were simply rolled up in plastic grocery bags.  This is where the horror began.

I opened the Detroit Lions Gnome first.  I heard something rattling in his hollow body and after further inspection, I noticed that he was missing the point off his head.  (A Detroit Lion losing points, interesting).  Then I reached for the next Gnome, my Michigan Football Gnome.  Again, I heard the rattling.  This time he was missing part of his hand, arm and the bottom of the football.  A Michigan Gnome without his football is devastating.  I was too afraid to continue.  Each Gnome was looking worse and worse.  But I realized I had to push through it, I was strong enough to survive this Ginormous devastation.

Instantly my heart sank when I heard rattling as I lifted the bag.  I peeked in and gasped.  The Red Wings Gnome had sustained the worst penalty known to a Gnome.  His pointy hat was destroyed.  He was amputated at the knees.  And worst of all, his hockey stick was ripped from his hands.  The Lions Gnome and Michigan Gnome have a chance of surviving–with a few parts missing–but I don’t think I have enough Gorilla glue to put the Red Wings Gnome back together again.

But I won’t give up on my Gnome.  Snow White had her seven dwarfs and with God as my witness, I will have my seven Gnomes.  I will do everything in my power to piece them back together, no matter how long it takes or how much glue I have to buy.  And so what if they are not perfect in the end.  Everyone has flaws, no one is perfect.  Their scars show their strength and give them character.  Like I always say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Viva La Gnomes!

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