5 thoughts on “A COSMIC CONNECTION”

  1. Great story. Love the “soulmate” definition. Triggered a few other notes I’ve been thinking about for a future blog. Congratulations to your friend!

  2. I had a friend like you describe. And while she was pregnant with her first baby I had a very vivid, clear, and certain dream that did not end well for her baby. Of course I did not tell her as it would not have saved her baby. A few months later the events unfolded as in my dream. I don’t know about the twin flame, but I do believe that we have soul connections and communicate on some unknown levels with certain people

  3. I believe in such thing. I found my soulmate in lithuania where iam in philippines. We never see each other yet but in so many ways we felt each other he even knew im pregnant when i ddnt k ow that i was. He said he always dream of me and i even day dream of him. For no reason we get along so good to each other as if we were together for centuries. Its amazing…

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