The popular belief concerning soulmates seems to be that a soulmate is the one person in your life whom you are meant to be with, romantically; the perfect man or woman.  But while on my own personal “quest for knowledge,” I discovered that there are those who believe that a soulmate is simply a person who is destined to be in your life; meaning we have more than one soulmate.

Our soul travels through many lifetimes and often times, we come across another soul who plays an important part in our soul’s journey time and time again.  This version of a “soulmate” means that the person could be a family member or friend, not necessarily a romantic partner.  In fact, in this belief, the romantic “soulmate”, your ultimate soulmate, is called your Twin Flame.  You can have many different soulmates but only one Twin Flame.  I prefer this explanation of a soulmate; mainly because it helps me to understand some of the friendships that I have.

For example, my best friend.  We have been close friends since college.  When we met, it felt like we had known each other forever.  We understood each other completely and had so many similar interests as well as life experiences.  We always joked that we were cosmic sisters and that the birth of her first son proved our connection.

Almost three years ago, while awaiting the birth of their first son, her husband called me to tell me that they were on their way to the Hospital and he would call when the baby arrived.  I remained at home for a few hours when I got this weird feeling in my gut.  I started to get cramping feelings followed by the the sound of her voice in my head telling me that she needed me.  I had never felt this way before and even though it sounded a little crazy, I decided to just follow my instincts and head to the hospital.  I arrived minutes after he was born.

So with her second child, we wondered if I would feel anything.  A week ago, she went into labor for 48 hours.  I didn’t get any feelings that she needed me but it turned out that it was just a false labor.  Her due date came and went, no baby.  She had planned to be induced today, at 5am.  So I figured we would be able to tell then if we really do have a cosmic connection but the Universe intervened.

Yesterday, I suddenly got sick.  I thought I had the flu.  It was so weird how I was suddenly getting body aches and I felt like I was dying.  I could barely eat because I felt so bad.  I even took a hot bath, hoping it would help.  I wanted to be well for the birth of my friend’s baby.  So I decided to take some Advil PM and go to bed fairly early (about 10pm).  I had the weirdest dream, which I attributed to being sick.  I dreamt that I went to visit her at the hospital but it was a Muppet/puppet hospital.  All the doctors and nurses were Muppets.  Then I went to her room and her doctor was Walter from the Jeff Dunham show.  It was so vivid . . . and so weird.  Again, I just figured it was because I was sick but when I woke up, I felt fine.  No more body aches, no nausea.  I felt nice and relaxed.

I remember looking at the clock and wondering if she was still in labor.  She was set to be induced at 5am and I figured it would take a few hours.  Then a little after 9am, my friend called me to tell me her second son had arrived.  I was so happy for her but a little disappointed that I never felt anything that morning.  I told her it was so weird.  Maybe we just weren’t as close as we used to be.

I told her about how sick I was on Easter Sunday and about my weird dream.  She was quiet for a moment and said that she knows exactly why I felt the way I did.  She went into labor on Sunday and she was miserable.  She was throwing up from all the pain.  The baby decided to show up on his own, arriving at 12:04am.  I was having sympathy sickness.  And I didn’t feel anything this morning because he was already here.

Then she proceeded to tell me how she even had an explanation for my dream.  The TV was broken in the delivery room so they were watching Sesame Street and Muppet videos on Youtube.  She was watching Muppets and puppets while I was asleep in my bed, dreaming of Muppets and puppets.

Now of course her husband tried to explain away our “experiences” but we both know that we are somehow connected.  In my lifetime, well, current lifetime, I have only ever been able to “feel” two people in my life–my best friend and the man whom I was convinced is my Twin Flame.  So I don’t care if anyone else believes that my “cosmic connections” to these two people exist, I believe they do & so does my best friend.  How else would you explain it?