Today’s Solar Eclipse

Here in Los Angeles, we didn’t get to see the “Ring of Fire.”  We were only able to see a partial solar eclipse.  However, I did manage to see the “Ring of Fire” on the live feed.  I also managed to go outside and watch the partial eclipse using the pinhole trick on cardstock … Continue reading Today’s Solar Eclipse

I Have Amazing Friends

When tragedy strikes, it becomes very clear who really cares about you.  I don’t have any actual family out here in California but on Wednesday, I learned I have a very large extended family. On Wednesday, I was driving home in the 5pm bumper to bumper traffic.  I was at a dead stop when I … Continue reading I Have Amazing Friends

The Super Scorpion Moon

On Saturday, May 5th, the Super Moon rose into the Southern California sky.  Per usual, I went out onto my balcony to take a picture of this amazing site.  In some ways, it made me homesick because I know the view was so much better back east.  I started to imagine what the Moon would … Continue reading The Super Scorpion Moon