This weekend is a celebration of Art, Food and Entertainment here in Pasadena.  Known as PasadenArt Weekend, a series of events focusing on art, entertainment and food kicks off tonight with ArtNight.  For more information, check out the websites for PasadenArt Weekend, ArtNight, Art of Food, ArtWalk and the ArtRhythm.

Last year, as I started my mission of trying something new every day, I attended this yearly celebration.  I wound up a little disappointed and frustrated with my choices for ArtNight. You can read what I wrote about my experiences during last year’s ArtNight here.

The following day held my favorite part of the Weekend activities, the Art of Food event at the South Lake District Farmers’ Market.  I enjoyed it so much that I missed the ArtWalk event that also took place that day.  Read my take on last year’s Art of Food here.

I missed the majority of the ArtRhythm event that took place on the final day so I guess that is something that I will have to check out this year.