This week I celebrated my one year work anniversary and it dawned on me that I have neglected this blog during that time. I still strive to try something new every day–this job helps–but I haven’t shared my experiences. Now I need to play catch up and write about some of these new experiences and places that I have checked out this past year. I am going to start with The Salt Studio in Pasadena.

It was a year ago when my acupuncturist, Dawna Ara, recommended The Salt Studio to help with my asthma and sinuses. As fate would have it, The Salt Studio was within walking distance from my Pasadena apartment. I called to schedule an appointment and they told me about an open house event where I could reserve a spot for myself and a few friends to come and try out the salt room for free. Of course I booked the appointment and brought three fellow allergy sufferers with me to the open house.

When we arrived, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had imagined it to be like a cave-like sauna with salt on the walls and we would just sit on benches. There were images on the website but I thought they were just stock images. I was happy to learn that I was wrong. The adult salt room is like a relaxed beach setting. There are comfortable reclining chairs and the salt on the ground reminds you of sand on a beach. The lights are dim and there is soft, melodic meditation music that filters throughout the room. One of the owners, Diana, explained the process and described the sensors in the room as well as a hole in the wall where the salt vapors would enter the room. After she answered questions, she closed the door, we reclined and drifted off into 20 minutes of sensory heaven (**note that a normal session is 45 minutes. These sessions were shorter for the open house event).

From that one introductory 20-minute session, I was hooked on salt therapy. It was relaxing. It helped my breathing. It helped my sunburn. It helped me get rid of a sinus headache. I left that open house with a package deal for five sessions to be shared with my friend and her two sons. I also bought a salt inhaler, a salt lamp for my office and some moisturizer. The Salt Studio explains halotherapy (salt therapy) and the benefits on their website.

My friend and I started to go regularly with her 4 year-old and 2-year-old sons. We would conduct our sessions in the kids room. This room is bright and colorful, designed for a playdate at the beach as opposed to the relaxing beach spa in the adult room. They have plenty of toys for the kids (and kid-like adults) to enjoy.

I still frequent The Salt Studio as often as I can and when needed. The 45 minute session in the adult room is heaven on earth. I have gone in there with a sinus headache that would disappear before the end of the session. In addition, they will give you a warm shoulder wrap and a soft, comfy blanket to make your session even more relaxing. I am constantly recommending The Salt Studio to friends and co-workers and I am looking forward to trying out the other services they offer.