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Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure at Night: Personal Challenge, Day 28 (10.14.12)

My friends and I go to Disneyland once a month and usually on a Sunday morning. We never go at night but since there are some new features at the park that only occur at night, we decided that this month we would partake in the Disney evening events. I do have to say that even though Disney California Adventure

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My Halloween Plans for 2012

For those who know me, they know my absolute favorite holiday is Halloween.  And today, I found the ultimate inspiration for what I want to do to my house in terms of decorations this year. Right now, I am teaching my students about lighting.  And one of the forms I like to teach them is horror lighting.  So I was

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It wasn’t Halloween

Being a photographer, I have this great love for all photographs, even those embarrassing childhood ones. You know the ones I am talking about. We all have the naked baby in the bathtub picture. Actually, in my family, it is the “norm” to show all embarrassing photos (and tell all embarrassing stories) to everyone we know. When friends come over,

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