My friends and I go to Disneyland once a month and usually on a Sunday morning. We never go at night but since there are some new features at the park that only occur at night, we decided that this month we would partake in the Disney evening events.

I do have to say that even though Disney California Adventure was not usually on our favorites list (before the remodel) but now it is definitely the place to be at night. At sunset, the lights in Carsland come on one by one to a classic oldies song. And when the lights come on, the cameras come out (except
for me cause I was photobombed thus my night photos of Carsland were ruined). And it was pretty cool to ride Radiator Springs Racers at night.

Personally, my favorite area was the Mad T Party. This is where you can get your Rave on (and drinks) in wonderland. The White Rabbit DJ spins some awesome dance tunes. } would have loved to spend my time dancing there but it wasn’t really my friends’ scene. I would love to go back some time with my friends who like to dance the night away, like me.

But we were on a time schedule so it was off to Disneyland to ride the Haunted Mansion Holiday. We were able to see the fireworks and light show from the Haunted Mansion cue. Again, that is something I would have to go back to see (the fireworks & such) at a later date when we have more time to enjoy the nightly festivities at both parks.

Overall, night time at the Disneyland Resort seemed pretty cool. I just wish I could have seen more. It is something I will definitely have to do again.