GeminimoonTonight’s full moon passes through Gemini, representing a time for change and a need for communication. This is a time for rational thought; a time for imagination and intellect to unite. This is a time to be open to new experiences, new people and new forms of mental stimulation.

This is also a time to reflect and analyze what we learned during the Mercury Retrograde. This analysis will help us understand and shape our lives. I like to think of it as the time where we figure out what resolutions we will make for the new year.

With the Winter Solstice, Yule, arriving on Saturday, we should also remember how the seasons have changed and we are entering a time where the nights are dominant. Perhaps this is why many often refer to the December full moon as the Long Nights Moon. It is a time to celebrate the moonlight and candlelight as they guide us through the darkness.

Personally, for me, I tend to enjoy the moon more during this time of year. With the cool crisp air, the scent of fireplace ash wafting through the breeze and the bright moonlight reflecting off the snow and ice, I find it all so inspiring and thought provoking. I could sit at the window sill, drink hot buttered rum and stare into the night sky until the sun begins to peek out on the horizon. As a night person, this is heaven for me.