We all have a group of angels around us, many refer to them as our ministry of angels.  They are the ones who help us with our every day problems and blessings.  So when you need help, they are usually the first to respond.  And when we ask for a sign to help us with a particular situation in our lives, they are the ones who answer.

Personally, my angels like to give me signs through music.  It will usually happen at specific times, giving me specific numbers when the song will start–like 11:11 or 4:44 or 7:11 and so on.  Well, tonight while I was stuck in LA traffic, I asked my angels to give me a sign concerning a certain aspect of my life, something that would explain how I was feeling and what I should do.  They gave me two songs tonight.  The first one was playing in my friend’s car on her satellite radio when she drove me to my car then it was playing on all my programed stations on my car radio at the exact same time.  (Pretty obvious I was supposed to listen to the words of the song).  The song was “Say Something” by A Great Big World and it was followed by “Make A Move” by Gavin Degraw.  The latter ended just as I arrived home and pulled into my parking space.

And for the skeptics out there, it doesn’t really matter if the angels are real or not. The songs that came on the radio spoke to the situation that I was inquiring about and it made me feel better. It meant something to me and gave me the answers I needed to make it through another day.