2013-12-04 00.09.13Even though I haven’t been very good on keeping up with posting, I am still going strong with my personal challenge to try something new every day.

Sometimes I just try a new recipe or order something new at a restaurant that I frequent but other times, I search Pinterest for new things to try.

Since money is tight, I decided that I would make the majority of my Christmas gifts for friends and family.  I used to buy the Mary Kay Satin Hands sets for my teacher friends and for my Mom.  On Pinterest, I found a recipe where you combine Dawn dish soap with sugar to make your own version of Satin Hands exfoliating hand scrub.

I wanted to go a step a further and make it all natural, using essential oils.  So I did a search on Pinterest and on the Internet looking for hand scrub and body scrubs recipes.  Aside from a few comment battles on adding preservatives or anti-microbial components, I discovered that most contain the same core ingredients: sugar, salt and oils.

So I decided to play around.  I used sugar, sea salt, and olive oil as my base.  Then I started to add in some additional ingredients like vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, and honey.  It made for a nice, thick hand or body scrub.

Now, don’t do what I did next–just stop with the above ingredients if you want to do this at home.  I wanted to make it so it could go through a hand soap pump.  Then I thought that perhaps it did need soap added to make it more like the Satin Hands.  So I added Dawn soap with Oil of Olay.  No matter what I tried, it wouldn’t pump through the dispenser and the Dawn soap took away from my original goal to make it all natural.  It wound up being more of a Dawn soap concoction so I guess this is what you would call an experiment fail.

So I went back to my original ingredients, all natural, and made up a new batch of hand/body scrub.  Since I have super sensitive skin, I decided I would be my own guinea pig.  If I had any bad reactions, then I would just scrap the whole idea and order from Mary Kay.  So today, I used it as a body scrub and no bad reactions.  Actually, my skin is super soft.  So sorry Mary Kay but it looks like I am making my own gifts this year!