My body is on strike from all of the activity.  My sore muscles and tired limbs want a day off from walking around so my quest today will be simple–try a new food.  With tons of local restaurants in Altadena and Pasadena, this is not an easy task so I needed to narrow down my search to a simple quest for a really good burger.

I searched Yelp and found a burger place with decent ratings, located very close to home.  The place, Super Burger, is located on Altadena drive.  I made my way over to the burger stand, parked and started to walk toward Super Burger when I noticed the lights were off.  I checked Yelp and discovered that Super Burger closes at 7:30 pm.  It was 7:31 pm.  Crap.

So now I was in search of something else.  I decided to drive down foothill and see if anything jumped out at me.  As I approached a red light at Foothill and Halstead, I noticed on the corner a restaurant called Hook Burger.  Perfect.  I pulled into the parking lot and checked out the ratings on Yelp.  There were several raves for the Bistro Burger and their fries (and beer but I wasn’t in a beer mood).

So I walked in and was happily greeted by the cashier.  I placed my order for the Bistro Burger and took the cashier’s recommendation for the regular fries, as opposed to the sweet potato fries.  She inquired about my Hook Burger status.  I revealed I was in fact a Hook Burger virgin.  She welcomed me and explained how the Hook Burger experience plays out.  Basically, I just needed to place my order and have a seat.  The Hook Burger staff would cater to my every need (involving my meal only).  I sat down with my drink and waited as my meal was prepared then served.

The Bistro Burger was awesome!  I instantly had to text my California sister and tell her that I found the perfect burger place for us.  In my opinion, Hook Burger is better than Habit and even better than Umami (opening another location soon in Pasadena, by the way).  I am so glad the Universe intervened when I had tried to go to Super Burger but fate sent me to what I would now call my new favorite burger joint, HOOK BURGER.