Even though it was a hellish experience taking the bus to work, it was easy and relaxing taking it home–mainly because there was no rush to be somewhere at a specific time.

I decided I would stop off in Old Town Pasadena and have dinner.  I texted my friend who works in the area to let her know I could come by and visit with her.  I arrived at Fair Oaks and Colorado in Pasadena.  I noticed a restaurant called Saladish from the bus.  I thought I should try something healthy so I stopped in to check out the menu.  The young man working there was extremely helpful.  I told him that I had never been there before and asked for his recommendations.  He suggested the Thai Chicken wrap.  Sounded good to me so I ordered a wrap and a cheese and broccoli baked potato.  I took my food over to the gallery where my friend works so we could eat together.  It turns out that the baked potato alone was an entire meal.  I didn’t mind.  The wrap would be my lunch for the following day (and it was so good, even a day later).

I ended up spending the entire evening hanging out with my friend.  Her roommate came by on his way home from work and we agreed to go to dinner with him.  I wasn’t hungry but I figured I could just order dessert.  We decided on Green Earth Vegan Cuisine on Fair Oaks.  I tried going there on Tuesday but it was closed.  Since this was a new restaurant for all of us, we decided to order different items on the menu, sharing family style so we could all try the food.  I, of course, chose a dessert item–Thai Banana Rolls with Ice Cream–and a fresh juice, not on the menu but suggested by our waiter–carrot, apple and ginger juice.  My friends picked the Groovy Green Smoothie, the Penne Tirrene, the Spinach Asparagus soup and Quinoa Sushi.

I think we were all surprised by how good the food was, especially the Spinach Asparagus soup.  Everything we ordered was Vegan and flavorful–two things I never thought would go together.  The only thing that I would refrain from ordering again was my carrot, apple and ginger juice.  It was good but the ginger was overpowering.  In a small quantity, it isn’t bad but a large glass full was too much for my taste buds to handle.

Overall, the food successes for the day made me forget (or at least let go) of the stress from my morning metro experiment disaster.

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