Over the last few months, my family has lost several of its members. With so many passings, it makes you take a good hard look at your own life. You start to face your own mortality and think about what you have done and all the things that you still hope to do. So I thought I would start to make my own “Bucket List” of the things I hope to do before I kick the proverbial bucket.


1. Learn to speak fluent Italian (not just the cuss words and curses)

2. Go to Italy to meet my family

3. Go to England

4. Go to Transylvania

5. Go to Tibet

6. Meet the Dalai Lama (My Yoda)

7. Ride an Elephant in Africa (or India)

8. Visit my friend Neroli in New Zealand

9. Travel through Australia

10. Go to Prince Edward Island to see the real Green Gables

11. Read all of the true “Classic” novels

12. Write a book

13. Get a book published

14. Visit a Buddhist Monastery

15. Meet Shirley Maclaine (or at the very least, read all of her books)

16. Meet Johnny Depp

17. Have the Father-Daughter dance with my Dad (I will marry myself if I have to)

18. Fall in love with someone who will actually love me back

19. Adopt a Starvin’ Marvin (or any kid who just needs a good home)

20. Travel to all 50 States (Almost done with this one)

21. Find a job where I can actually have a life

22. Find a man who will actually stick around

23. Own a home (house or Condo)

24. Help find a cure for Endometriosis (by being a research study subject or an advocate)

25. Make a difference in the lives of others

26. Pay off all my debt

27. Backpack through Europe

28. See a play on Broadway

29. Go to Egypt (when it is safe)

30. Go on a Spritual quest of Epic proportions and write a book about it (“Just Eat, forget the praying and loving”)

31. Act in a movie, TV show or Play again

32. Travel to all the National Parks in the US

33. Make a Documentary or Movie with my friends

34. Explore more ghost towns

35. Go ghost hunting with Ghost Hunters

OK, this is harder than I thought. I guess I will just have to keep adding to this over time. But this is a good start.

**First posted 06/28/11