For the last few weeks, the Universe has been screaming at me–throwing signs at me from all directions.  This weekend, one of my closest friends served as a witness on Friday the 13th, of all days.

Practically every day, I look at my watch at exactly 11:11(am and pm) or 1:11pm.  I finally transferred my license plates back to California and the numbers are 6655 (5+6=11).  I noticed that when I am driving home from my friends’ house in Sylmar, my exit off the 210 East is exit 11.  I bought a box to send things to my parents and 11-11 was printed on the bottom.  I went to see a Psychic on Friday the 13th and she asked me to pick 11 cards.  And a song that has a lot of meaning to a particular dilemma I am dealing with played on my car radio at 11:11pm on Friday the 13th.  (My friend witnessed this one and started laughing at the irony).

I can go on and on about the “11” signs but I think you get the point.  The Universe is definitely trying to tell me something but what?

According to Doreen Virtue’s “Angel Numbers 101: The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, And Other Number Sequences,” the number 11 means “Stay Positive!  Your thoughts are materializing rapidly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, others, and this situation.”

Others say that 11:11 is a prompt that Angels and Spirit Guardians use to let us know that they are there to help you, guide you in any way you need.

Another theory is that 11:11 is the opening of your doorway of Destiny.  A new course in your destiny has been prepared and that whatever you were thinking about at this time, something has come into play that will alter it somehow.

Ironically, on Friday the 13th, after I had a Psychic reading, my friend and I went to Barnes and Noble for our Friday night ritual.  We went to the New Age section to look at Crystal books and the first book I noticed on the shelf, out of place, was a book entitled “11:11.”  I flipped through it and it was filled with theories at to what this could mean.

I personally would like to think that is the Universe telling me that it is listening to me and if I pay attention, especially to the other signs that come into play when I notice it is 11:11 or 1:11, the Universe will guide me toward the right path.  Many things in my life have changed over the last few months and for the first time in a long time, I am pretty clear on what I have to do to follow my dreams and make my wishes come true.  Maybe this is the Universe’s way of telling me that I am making the right choices.  I guess time will tell.