>Every weekend, I find myself at Barnes & Noble with my friend.  I am very lucky that I have a close friend who has the same passion for books as I do.  Buying books has become our new weekend ritual.  And right now, we are both on a quest for knowledge and we have been going to the New Age section to find answers.

This weekend I picked up Sun Signs & Past Lives: Your Soul’s Evolutionary Path by Bernie Ashman.  While flipping through this book in the store, I read a few passages about my own Sun Sign and was a bit freaked out, as well as intrigued, by the accuracy in the text.  According to this book, I am in the third zone of Libra and my zone sign ruler is Gemini.  I started to read about the current life scan for the Libra Third Zone and can admit that without a doubt, I fit the description.  So if you want to know what I am really like, read the following description of a Third Zone Libra:

An Excerpt from Sun Signs & Past Lives: Your Soul’s Evolutionary Path:
“Your soul was excited from the beginning of this incarnation to get the opportunity to pursue all types of learning.  Being born in the Third Zone of Libra allows you to encounter people from diverse backgrounds.  You have a strong appreciation for beauty, which can lead you to enjoy art and all types of color.  Your personality radiates magnetically, attracting support for your ideas.  Exchanging information with others helps you keep your goals clear.

You can excel in teaching and writing with Gemini as your zone ruler.  Working with the public is a natural talent.  You are curious about what makes people think the way they do.  The search for a soul mate able to keep up with your fast-paced mind is a heartfelt need.  You enjoy individuals with a sense of humor.  You are not fond of nervous types because they make you anxious.  A longing for inner peace causes you to unwind through taking time alone.

A primary drive is seeking mental stimulation through travel, books, and lively communication.  Without this, you feel like a fish out of water.  You detest boredom.  People who refuse to change or mature in their knowledge irritate you.  You perceive life through intellectual glasses but desire a soul mate with a big heart.  You enjoy celebrating your milestones.  Creating traditions of your own liking is a favorite pastime.  Spending time with friends and lovers wanting to share their wealth of life experiences is something you treasure.  You respect the past, like to keep the present beating to a lively drum, and long for a future lined with promise of new inspiring experiences.”

Wow, I don’t think I could have described myself any better.  This is 100 percent me!