Most people would say that their favorite line in Dirty Dancing is “Nobody puts Baby in a Corner.”  I am not most people.  My favorite line in this classic 80s dance flick, “I carried a watermelon.”  If they put that on a shirt I would totally buy it and wear it proudly.

It is Sunday evening and I have decided to have an 80s flashback night.  After attending a memorial service for my friend’s grandmother, I decided I needed to do something to cheer myself up.  So I pulled out my Super Mario Brothers All Stars (limited edition) game for Wii.  I played the original 1983 version of this classic Nintendo game.

This was a game that I played on a daily basis with my friends–good childhood memories.  I used to know all of the tricks and now, 25 years later I can’t remember any of the secrets and I am stuck on level four.  After some colorful language and almost throwing my Wii remote at the TV (thanks for the wrist strap Nintendo), I decided I should move onto a less frustrating 80s flashback moment–i.e. Dirty Dancing.

I loved this movie–I still love this movie.  It is a bit sad to watch now, with the passing of Patrick Swazye, but there is a bit of joy in knowing that Jennifer Grey won the last season of Dancing With The Stars.  Either way you look at it, happy or sad, the ideals behind the film are still there–as well as an amazing soundtrack.  I’ve had the “Time of my Life,” “She’s Like The Wind,” “Hungry Eyes,” and countless others that put you back at Kellerman’s for the perfect 60s summer vacation–and love story.

This brings me back to my favorite quote, “I carried a watermelon.”  Baby fell for Johnny the first time she saw him, he was the bad boy who danced his way into her heart.  So now she has the opportunity to finally meet him, the man she has been drooling over and all she can muster is “I carried a watermelon.”  Every girl/woman can relate.  We have all had those moments where you finally have the opportunity to have a real conversation with a person you like and your brain malfunctions.  I have had many a brain fart in my day.  So that moment felt so real, that’s why it is my favorite quote and moment in the film (aside from Patrick Swazye shirtless).

Think about it, ladies! How often do we have a man stand up for us and tell our parents that they shouldn’t make us sit in the corner?  I personally have never had that happen.  Of course, my parents never made me sit in the corner–now the nuns in Cathecism, that was a different story.  Where was Johnny Castle when Sister Mary Holywater made me sit in the corner, face the wall and do a rosary when I asked too many questions during my Cathecism class?