Today, at least for me, is a perfect day.  I woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain pounding against my windows and rooftop.  The majority of those living in Southern California, they hate days like these but I love them.  I am from the Midwest, I love the rain.  It is so peaceful–meditative, really. 

I am sitting here in my over sized, blue leather recliner, wrapped up in my USC snuggie with my cat curled up in my lap and the only illumination is from the window light and candlelight.  To me, this is my bliss, my happiness.  I can’t hear my noisy neighbors or the city noise, all I hear is the sound of the rain, my cat purring and my own breathing (and typing).  I am at peace–despite my debilitating Endo pain.

On days like this, I can clear my mind of any negative thoughts or drama.  Nothing bothers me–not even the Endo pain (thank you, pain killing medications).  I can close my eyes, breathe deep and enjoy the sounds of nature–sounds I don’t hear too often in the City of Angels. 

And surprisingly, my usual loneliness has escaped me.  I feel like the heavy rain is a gift from the Goddess we know as Mother Earth.  I don’t feel alone.  I feel as though she has wrapped her arms around me to give me a show of support.  She has given me the much needed space, time and clarity that I so desperately need in my often chaotic life.  I was supposed to be teaching a photo class at the Arboretum today–completing my 7 day a week work schedule–but thanks to the rain, I now have a day off.  A day to relax, to rest, to recoup.  The universe has given me what I needed the most and I thank it for its generosity.