Hot Diggity Chili Dog – (Hungry Girl, Pg. 111, 109 calories) Going on a diet usually means you have to give up your favorite fast food places.  Last summer, as a broke teacher, I frequented Wienerschnitzel where they have their three for $3.00–two chili cheese dogs and chili cheese fries.  They also have $.79 corndogs and $.99 root beer floats.  It was a fast easy meal I could afford but when I discovered how many calories I was eating, I was shocked.  Let’s just say it was more than one person should eat in a day let alone one meal.  Thankfully, Hungry Girl came up with a solution–the Hot Diggity Chili Dog (I add weight watchers shredded cheddar cheese as a topping).  It’s just like putting together a regular chili cheese dog and satisfies the fast food craving.  I highly recommend this recipe if you like chili cheese anything.