Hungry Girl Weekend #2

This weekend we decided to have a theme–mexican recipes with American flavor.  We chose all of our recipes from the Hungry Girl 200 under 200 recipe book. 

We chose an appetizer–Holy Moly Guacamole; a meal–Cheeseburger Quesadilla; and a dessert–Strawberry Shortcake Bites.

Holy Moly Guacamole: (Hungry Girl 200 under 200, Pg. 112)  This tastes just like guacamole but it is only 78 calories per serving and 1 weight watchers point.  The secret ingredient–peas.  You still add an avocado but the majority of the mixture is peas.  I know because I mashed them up.  Diana and I vowed not to tell her husband Matt since he doesn’t like vegetables.  He ate the guacamole.  I even tested it out on some other friends and they all loved it.  They couldn’t believe I used peas.  So this is a definite score–a must have for parties and Wii Weekends.

Cheeseburger Quesadilla: (Hungry Girl 200 under 200, Pg. 182) Another amazing recipe where you would never guess the ingredients unless you were the one who made it.  It tasted like a cheeseburger wrapped in a tortilla.  I even added ketchup to further decieve my tastebuds.  A 186 calorie cheeseburger made without meat–Amazing!  I don’t know about you but whenever I used to see the Boca Meatless burgers in the grocerer’s freezer, I thought they looked scary.  What is a meatless burger?  I still don’t really know but it tasted good.  So try this recipe and don’t tell your friends, family, or significant others what you used.  See what they think?  See if you can decieve their tastebuds.

Strawberry Shortcake Bites: (Hungry Girl 200 under 200, Pg. 256)  This is an 88 calorie dessert that tastes like one of those strawberry ice cream/frozen yogurt bars.  The only thing that we would suggest is using mini muffin cups.  In the large muffin cup, the cool whip mixture engulfs the vanilla wafer that is supposed to serve as the crust.  So this one we still want to play around with and see what we can do to fix the recipe, to get it to stay on the vanilla wafer.  Overall, it is tasty, just gets messy when it starts to thaw.

2 thoughts on “Hungry Girl Weekend #2

  1. Wow! Those sound really great! It takes time and energy to try all those recipes! I think it is really funny how Matt is being tricked into eating vegetables! Keep us posted with more recipe ideas!

  2. Strawberry Shortcake Bites-updates. I wanted to make them in the mini muffin tin but the Nilla wafers are too big :(. I like to put a 2nd Nilla wafer on top and then they are kind of like a Nilla wafer strawberry ice cream sandwich. It also helps to let them stay in the freezer overnight. They taste fine after being frozen for an hour, but they are easier to eat if they have had longer to freeze.

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