Today HBO Max released the trailer for And Just Like That…, premiering on December 9th on the streaming service and I am so excited (and I have watched the trailer a thousand times thus far). So here it is in all its glory…

So despite rumors flooding the internet, it appears that Big is not dead and is still married to Carrie. Now obviously, the road is never smooth for these two and I couldn’t help but wonder (did you see what I did there?) why Carrie is back in her old apartment donning the infamous Carrie necklace.

It also appears as if she has left her column and perhaps Vogue behind for a new career in podcasting. It is nice to see Carrie evolving with new mediums and technologies–remember when she didn’t even attempt to try to use Samantha’s iPhone in the first Sex and the City movie?

We can also see that Brady, Lily and Rose have grown up. Steve and Miranda as well as Charlotte and Harry are still together, navigating a world with teenagers.

It will be bittersweet with the real-life passing of Willie Garson (who was able to continue filming as Stanford before his death) and Lynn Cohen (Magda). Even though she is still alive, it also won’t be the same without Samantha (Kim Cattrall).

I am excited to meet the new characters entering into the Sex and the City universe.

The first two episodes will premiere on December 9th. The following eight episodes will premiere weekly on subsequent Thursdays. Until then, I am binging the original series and both movies in preparation while watching out for additional clips popping up on social media.