Surfing through my Facebook newsfeed I found an Upworthy post with actor Wil Wheaton and the status quote, “You’re not alone. You are okay.” When you click on the post, it redirects you to the Upworthy website with an article about a video Wil Wheaton recorded for Project UROK. In the video, Wil talks about his own struggles with mental illness, specifically anxiety and chronic depression. Here is that video:

If you continue on to the Project UROK website, you will find additional videos from celebrities, the project founder Jenny Jaffe and videos to start the conversation about mental illness. The project is directed toward teens and young adults struggling with all types of mental illness.

Honestly, from what I have seen, I know grown adults who would also benefit from this site and its content. This site is amazing and a great way of reaching out to those in need. And what a wonderful message, “You are not alone. You are okay.”

So if you or anyone you know is suffering from some form of mental illness, you might want to check out Project UROKshare it on social media or go old school and just tell a friend about it. I am in no way affiliated with this non-profit organization. I am just someone who has struggled (and has a lot of family and friends who are struggling) with anxiety and depression, especially right now in the wake of my father’s recent passing. It helped me to listen to some of the stories and know that there are others who have been in my shoes and understand–I am not alone. It is okay to be sad but it is also okay to get help.