Over the last few days, I have found myself reflecting on the past.  My intuition is high and I have just had too many strange “coincidences” happen.  I blame it all on Mercury Retrograde.

In true retrograde fashion, my plans for myself have gone awry.  I was moving forward, letting go of my past.  I have a great job, a new apartment and all I had left to work on was my love life.  I have been too fixated on the past.  I was finally letting go but the universe, and Mercury, have stepped in to remind me about my Twin Flame.

I have previously written about Twin Flames.  I had figured out who mine was–my soul knew.  I thought I had reached a stage of acceptance that we were not going to work things out in this lifetime.  I knew that no other man would ever make me feel the way he did.  The intense passion, the ability to just feel his presence, feeling like I was home when I was with him, the inability to truly explain our connection–I would never feel that with anyone else and I was finally OK with that.  Then the frickin’ retrograde had to happen.

It started off small with little things here and there.  Certain songs that haven’t played on the radio in years were suddenly on the playlists during my commute, his name started popping up in random places, videos of him popped up on YouTube as suggestions, a press release in regards to a documentary featuring films he worked on appeared in my work email inbox–this was simply the beginning.

As for today, actually the past hour, the “coincidences” have propelled me into writing this particular blog entry.  I had just returned home from a baby shower and was settling in for the night when I decided to check Facebook.  A high school friend of mine had posted an image about the October 8th total lunar eclipse.  I clicked on the image link, thinking I would get more details on the eclipse but instead, I was redirected to a Twin Flames website.  Curious, I scrolled down the page and stopped at the following paragraph: “if you are experiencing a lot of confusion, despair & frustration due to ‘on and off’ relating, and the perplexing so-called “running” dynamic with your Twin Flame, the channeled ancient wisdom of the Teachings of the ‘Twin Flame Sacred Keys’ will show the deeply sub-consciously buried core reason and also explain how to transcend this limited dynamic energetically for the required individual vibrational balance and equilibrium of relating.” 

This peaked my interest because my Twin Flame and I had been “on and off” for 17 years.  We were constantly struggling with our abilities to “relate”, communicate with actual words and we were always finding ways to “run away.”  So I wondered what this site and its author might offer as a solution to a Twin Flame cosmic communication dilemma (without paying $150 for the CDs).

I went back to Facebook and discovered that TWIN FLAME SACRED KEYS has a page.  True to form for the age of Social Media, their Facebook page led me to their YouTube Channel where I found the following video that freaked me out.

Now why exactly was I freaked out by this video?  It is the song playing.  The other videos I watched on the channel had chakra aligning type meditation music.  This particular video has the song “Kissing” by Bliss from the first Sex and the City Movie.  The song plays during a romantic scene between Carrie and Big.  The man whom I consider to be my Twin Flame was also the man I referred to as my Mr. Big.  Coincidence or a sign from the Universe?

Honestly, I was looking at these videos hoping I would read something that would prove my Mr. Big wasn’t my Twin Flame.  Instead, I happen upon a video entitled “Signs of the true twin flame” featuring a song from Sex and the City.  Plus, I could relate to all the “signs” mentioned in the video.  I have often described such feelings in regards to Big.  So the Universe was giving me a sign of validation.  My Mr. Big is also my Twin Flame.  He is also in my past.  We haven’t spoken in almost a year.  This doesn’t change anything.  We couldn’t make things work so why keep pointing out our connection?  I’m confused.  What exactly is the Universe trying to tell me?

Damn you, Mercury Retrograde!