Sunday Comfort Food: Personal Challenge, Day 42 (10.28.12)

With neither one of us feeling well on Sunday morning, my friend Ida suggested we try a restaurant that always makes here feel better with the Vietnamese version of comfort food, Pho.  The restaurant is the Golden Deli Restaurant, located on Las Tunas in Temple City.

My Beef Pho

Since this is one of Ida’s favorite places to eat, I deferred to her for food recommendations.  Ida ordered the Pho Tai, rare beef pho.  She mentioned that the beef cooks in the boiling broth and is usually cooked by the time your meal reaches the table.  I decided to ordered something fully cooked so I went with the Pho Chin Nam, fully cooked brisket beef pho.  Ida also ordered us Spring Rolls as appetizers (which she suggested we dip in our noodle broth instead of the fish oil).

Spring Rolls

Well, Ida was right.  The Beef Pho did make me feel better.  It was just as soothing as the Chicken Noodle Soup that I had at the Noodle House in Pasadena.  I also tried dipping the spring rolls in the fish oil dipping sauce and in my pho broth–it tasted better dipped in the broth.

So overall, when comfort is needed, a good friend and good noodles will do the trick.

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