With the weather finally cooling down (yay!), I decided I would venture into the South Lake area of Pasadena to find something warm to enjoy.

I arrived at the parking area located along Shopper’s Lane (where I met a nice homeless woman who agreed to wash my car windows for a $1).  I pulled out my smartphone and started using my trusty Yelp app–a very important tool for my personal challenge mission.  I saw some the restaurants that attended the Art of Food portion at the South Lake Farmer’s Market two weeks ago.  I eventually decided on soup and a sandwich at Corner Bakery Cafe.

I had seen several different Corner Bakery Cafes but I had never actually stopped to eat at one.  It reminded me a lot of Panera Bread.  I ordered the special (from the poster–advertising works on me)–the Chicken Pomodori on Sourdough Panini and the Tomato Basil soup.

Again, Corner Bakery Cafe reminds me of Panera Bread, even the taste of the food.  The tomato basil soup was excellent, exactly what I was looking for and combining it with a grilled cheese sandwich would have brought back memories of my childhood lunches with my Mom.  The Chicken Pomodori Panini was good but I have had better.  The Corner Bakery Chips were really good.  I wasn’t expecting that to come with my combo.  Overall, the food was good but in my opinion, over priced for the quality.  But I feel the same way about Panera Bread.