Yesterday, while researching things to do and places to visit in Pasadena, I found my way to the Ice House Comedy Club website.  The first thing I noticed was a picture of Christopher Titus, my sister’s favorite comedian.  I clicked on the picture of Titus and discovered that he would be performing in a special event, a benefit for John Fox Memorial Comedians Cancer Screening Fund.  I had never been to the Ice House or seen Titus perform live, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity (and it was for a very good cause).

I am so glad I got there early, I managed to get a free parking spot on the street.  I was a little confused on where to go and how everything worked since this was my first visit to the Ice House.  I found my way to the back alley entrance where there was an outdoor bar.  I went up to the entrance but there was no one there.  I had arrived at 7:30 pm and the show started at 8:00pm but the website said they would start seating people at 7:00  pm.  This was not the case.  I didn’t see any employees around that I could talk to but I did since a couple standing by the door.  I asked them if they were there for the benefit, they were, and they told me that I had to check in with the cashier.  I stood outside the cashier booth but the cashier was on the phone.  She didn’t even acknowledge my presence.  A simple, “I will be with you in a minute” would be the courteous thing to do.  But she ignored me, I stood there, she kept talking on the phone and ignored me some more, then I started to get upset.  So far, I was not getting a good impression of the Ice House.  So I went back out and stood with the couple also waiting to get in.  I watched as two women in stilettos walked past us and instantly got help from the cashier, bus boys and some other guy whom I assumed worked there.  Now I was insulted.  But thankfully there was this nice woman who seemed to be running the show.  I walked up and asked her what I was supposed to do.  She told me to check in with the cashier, I mentioned how I was ignored before but she made sure I was helped this time.  The cashier took a look at my ticket, marked something on the computer (taking attendance I guess) then handed me back my ticket.  That was it?  She couldn’t do that while she was on the phone?  Again, I was irritated.

Eventually, they led us into the main show room.  We were seated in the front row and handed our menus.  There was a two drink minimum–and they were pricey drinks.  My two drink minimum cost me $25 with tax and tip.  Then factor in the cost of the ticket ($15 plus a $2 processing fee) and it is not a cheap date.  But I reminded myself that it was a good cause and I was going to see Christopher Titus.

All I have to say is that once the show started, all of my irritations disappeared.  I was laughing so hard that I was crying.  Each comedian was well worth the price for admission.  And I never knew Fritz Coleman, our local weather man, was so funny.  And of course Christopher Titus was AMAZING!!!  I was on the verge of tears, the kind that trickle down your leg.

Even though it didn’t start off the way I had hope, it was an amazing evening.  And I wound up winning the raffle prize, a $35 gift certificate for the Ice House.  I think this is the Universe’s way of telling me that I need to give this place another try.  Everyone deserves a second chance, the same should apply to places.  Overall, I had a wonderful time and hopefully next time, the entire experience will be “magical.”

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