By Eureka, I found one. I found a library in Los Angeles that is actually quiet. I was feeling really discouraged after visiting the San Gabriel and Altadena Public Libraries. But I figured I would give it one more try and visit one more public library.

Well, when it comes to the Sierre Madre Public Library, I will simply say that third times the charm. This small and quiet library is located on Sierre Madre Blvd in what seems like a quaint little community deemed as “the gateway to the mountains.”

Up until Saturday, I didn’t even know this town existed. I drive past Sierre Madre Blvd. practically every day but never knew it led to an area that reminds me of the quiet little mountain towns you would expect in Colorado or see in the movies. On Saturday, my California sister took me here to have lunch with her friends and family. As we drove to our lunch destination, I made a mental note to return to this area to explore. But with the heat still in the triple digits here in Southern California, I opted to just check out the Library first. I can wander around the town when the weather cools.

The library itself is smaller than the Altadena branch but there are no children running around, screaming or throwing tantrums. I felt like I walked into a real library, not a daycare. There are plenty of kids here but they are actually reading or doing homework. There are comfortable little maroon chairs with attached swivel tables, an ideal spot for studying or writing. There are several tables with four chairs surrounding each, an excellent space for study groups. There are computer stations and little cubby spaces for privacy. There are even counters along the windows to allow several people the chance to have a workspace with a view. Now there is a kid section but the best thing about this library is that the kid’s section is separated from the rest of the library through placement of a room in the back of the library. I was so excited to be in a real library, not a daycare pretending to be a library. I would definitely come back here to work on my writing.