Just this week, I discovered the WordPress Daily Post blog.  Lately, I have had this awakening where I realized that I haven’t really been living my life for me.  I have been waiting for . . . I have no idea what I was really waiting for but the waiting period is over.  I am going to live my life the way I want to and start doing all the things on my “To Do” list.  On Monday, September 17th, I actually decided to challenge myself.  For the next 365 days, I want to do something new everyday.  On Monday, I started my challenge by going to “The Haunted Forest.”  On Tuesday, I decided to walk across the Colorado Street Bridge, aka Suicide Bridge.  Then today, Wednesday, I decided to explore the area under the Colorado Street Bridge and then return to the bridge at night to explore both areas after the sun set.

So for me, discovering the WordPress Daily Post turned out to be a cosmic gift.  So I am going to take part in their “post a day” challenge in congruence with my own daily personal challenge.  But by trying something new everyday, I should have no problem finding something to write about on a daily basis.

So  I’m off.  Three days down, 362 left to go.

**I started writing this post around 11:30pm on Wednesday, September 19th but it was after midnight when it posted because my computer froze.  But I am still going to count this as my September 19th posting.