1. I have seen A Ghost, This Is A true Story, Me And 2 Friends in the night time went to the enchanted forest, after hearing about ghost stories, well we were never really expecting to see what we did.
    We first started walking passed those weird round buildings on the left, we noticed a group of what appeared to be white hooded people behind a bush, we made jokes about we look white were safe yet gathered our strength due to hearing stories of devil worshipers, exc.
    we proceeded further taking the trail around the bushes that the hoods were behind,
    when approaching the other side of the bushes the hooded men vanished like were not there yet a shadow jumped out of the bushes and ran down a slope faster then you would believe i clearly saw his arms and legs in motion and heard the shrubs moving.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Steve. I have only been there during the daytime and I have just seen a lot of animals and hikers there. But the last time I was there, I did get a sense that Mr. Cobb is upset with what happened to his “sanctuary.” And I know the area that you are talking about. I went back there on my 1 year anniversary of trying something new every day. Again, I went in the daytime and I did feel some negative energy–the stuff that causes goosebumps or gives you the chills–up in that area so I just stayed away. I think it would be interesting to find out if anyone else has seen hooded figures in the area–Did they look like the KKK?

      1. what kind of animals did you see? im planning to go there with my friends o:

  2. Back in the 80s one of our friends made an 18 hole frisbee golf course. Using natural things such as trees and boulders for targets for the frisbee holes. We played every weekend with a pit stop at the foundations that looked more like a place water was stored just behind the stairs. I never felt creepy going there. Never felt any negative vibes. Went there one night with a friend just after 9pm to drink a couple beers. Werent really paying attention to these grunting sounds out in the distance down in the canyon if your hiking up would be to the right of the foundations. So were talking and downing a couple beers and we start to hear the grunting getting closer and louder and may I add the grunting we heard wasnt solo it was a group or pack. So I had just cracked open another beer and were still talking and we both hear that grunting sound like right below us and now its quite loud and sounding within 20 feet from us coming up the canyon. Its about 10 pm and we decided it was time to go because the sounds were getting really close. So we decided its a good time to run out of there. We saw some other people walking up and heading toward the area we just left. But they kept going in that direction anyway. Just the other day im talking to one of my neighbors that moved in recently and we started talking about the top of Lake street and he mentioned he heard grunting up there too. So I told him ive heard it too. Dont know what is but I know it wasnt the beer playing with my mind.

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