I don’t usually post pictures of my furbabies, mainly out of fear of being labelled “the crazy cat lady.”  But today, I managed to catch my kitten, Elvira, cuddling up with her baby so I couldn’t resist sharing.

For Christmas, my sister bought me this stuffed Monkey that has a warming beanie in its belly.  You take the beanie out, microwave it for a minute or two, put the beanie back into the monkey’s belly and now you have something warm and soft to cuddle with.  Elvira immediately decided this was her baby when she dragged it out of my suitcase.  Now she drags it all over the house.

Normally when she drags around her “baby,” she won’t let me take any pictures or videos.  But this weekend I managed to catch her cuddling with her “baby” while enjoying the view from my desk.

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