This weekend my mother is coming to visit and our grades are due next week.  All week, I told myself I would finish grading my classes’ projects.  But here it is, Thursday and I haven’t graded anything.

However, I did manage to reorganize my basement.  I moved bookshelves from one room to another.  I reorganized what books and magazines go in which room.  I organized my DVDs by classic movies, Johnny Depp Movies, All other Movies and TV shows.  Then I proceeded to alphabetize each group.  I organized my photo magazines by year and month.  I put my shoes inside individual clear boxes and labeled them.  I rearranged the furniture in my office.  I made and then hung curtains in the office.  I finally put up the pictures and posters on the walls in my office.  And I vacuumed the office.

So I got a lot accomplished around the house but I didn’t actually do what I was supposed to do.  So was I really being productive or was I productively procrastinating?