March Full MoonToday is the Full Moon for the month of March. Native American cultures refer to it as the “Worm Moon” while other say it is the “Community Ant” Moon or the “Virgo” Moon. No matter what you call it, I think it is beautiful. I love going out on my balcony at night to take pictures of the Full Moon and see how it lights up my whole yard.

But for those who are interested in the different names for this particular moon, I have some answers for you. Many cultures used to, and still do, follow a lunar calendar where the months and days are marked from full moon to full moon. There are usually 12 moon cycles a year, each lasting 29 days. This year there will be 13 full moons–giving us the iconical “Blue Moon” on August 31, 2012, the second full moon in that month. This hasn’t happened since 2009.

But back to the naming of the moons. The moons were named after the seasons and weather patterns for that time of the year. So this month is the “Worm” moon. This represents the beginning of Spring and when you can start noticing the worm tracks through the soil. Makes complete sense.

As for the titles of “Ant” and “Virgo” moon, that has to do more with the Full Moon position in Virgo. The “Virgo” moon is said to bring the energy of practicality and the need for social order–which is epitomized by “Ant” energy. Ants live in complex societies where each Ant has a job and lives to do its best for the community as a whole. They don’t think about the individual. As human beings, we tend to focus too much on the individual instead of the community. We think what is best for us and often lose sight of what is best for our community. We struggle to be unique and important, wanting to hang on to our individuality. So the time of the “Community Ant” means this is the ideal time to explore the choices one needs to make to be helpful to their community while holding onto their individuality. It is time to find a balance between the two–the community and the self.