I Am Wonder Woman!

Last week, I had an Ovarian Cyst burst on me, which put me out of commission for a few days.  But suddenly, on Sunday, I could move around again with minimal pain.  I felt like Wonder Woman.  I suddenly had energy again.  I wanted to spin around in a circle, wearing nothing but Wonder Woman Underoos, click my bracelets together and declare “I Am An Endo Wonder Woman.”

I was like an organizational whirlwind, moving through my house like a superhero on speed.  I got all of my laundry done.  I did the dishes and I vacuumed.  But wait, there is more.  I even moved around furniture and finally carried some of my boxes upstairs so I could unpack them.  I even cooked myself some meals for the week.

And the energy didn’t stop there.  Yesterday (Monday), I finally put the rugs into my bedroom, I finished putting my fabric on the walls to cover the scary wallpaper, and I brought up the bookshelf that belongs in there.

Now I am sure that some of you are thinking, “What’s the big deal?  She cleaned, so what?”  The big deal is that I have had two productive days in a row after having a cyst burst exactly a week ago.  Imagine having something explode inside of your body, making you feel like you were just shot or stabbed with the person twisting the knife around inside of you.  Then you are sore for days.  You struggle just to stand up straight.  Sometimes it can take weeks to recover, depending on the size of the cyst or how many burst.  And then when you do finally recover, you are so depressed and overwhelmed that you just want to stay in bed for a few more weeks.  Everything starts to pile up, you fall behind on everything, which further pushes you into a depression.  Then the stress from being overwhelmed causes your Endo to flare, leading to more pain and cysts and the cycle starts all over again.

The fact that I am moving around and productive a week after a cyst burst is a miracle for me.  I don’t feel stressed at all.  I feel really good that I accomplished so much in just two days.  This is a milestone for me.  It tells me that all my hard work and struggling is paying off.  My therapies are leading to shorter recovery time and it has taken me out of the endless “Endo fog” cycle that I have been stuck in for years.  In no way is this a cure but it is definitely an improvement in treatment.  I am not a drugged out zombie.  I am energetic and productive just like a fully-functioning human being.

I do know that eventually this burst of energy will wear off but for now, I want to relish in what feels like superhuman (superEndo) powers.  Hopefully I will have enough energy to finally unpack–I only moved into my house in December.  Now that would truly be a miracle but I think this Endo Wonder Woman is up for the challenge.