I am devastated by the news that singer Davy Jones passed away from a heart attack at the age of 66.  I feel like I just lost a major piece of my childhood.

I grew up as a huge Monkees fan.  I saw them several times in concert, I own all of their albums and I was obsessed with their TV show when it was on Nick at Nite (the monkey paw episode is still my favorite).  Granted, my favorite was Micky Dolenz (I even named my guinea pig after him) but the group would never be complete without Davy.  When I saw them in concert, it was always Micky, Peter and Davy.  I can’t believe he is gone.

I remember their music was a comfort for me when I was a child, dealing with my parents being divorced.  I used to go into my bedroom at my Mom’s house or on the back porch at my Dad’s house and blare their music while I sang along on my star stage.  I used to pretend I was the fifth member of the band.  I knew all the songs by heart.  Even in high school I would make my friends listen to The Monkees and go to the concerts with me at Pine Knob and Meadowbrook.  I think my high school friend Ranae will remember how many times I made her listen to “Gonna Buy Me A Dog.”

And just a few months ago, I was bugging my former college roommate to go with me to see the Monkees at the Morongo Casino.  She is also a Monkees fan.  We used to blare their music in our dorm room.  But the concert was the same time as my trip to Michigan so we vowed we would go to the next show.  But there will be no other shows.  It won’t be the same without Davy.

Davy, you will be greatly missed and may you rest in the “Pleasant Valley.”