Merry Christmas!

I am sitting in the terminal at the Burbank Airport, waiting for the boarding process to begin.  I am flying home to Detroit for the holidays.  It is a very long day of layovers and trying to survive off of two bags of peanuts over 8 hours but this is what must be done in order to spend time with my family.

When I was in college, flying at the holidays was a nightmare.  But I learned fast that if you fly on Christmas day, not only do you save hundreds of dollars on your ticket but you also don’t have to deal with the crowds.  I checked in my bags and made it through security in about 10 minutes.  That is a rarity.

But as I sit here, I look forward to seeing my family and having Christmas morning tomorrow (on the 26th).  My 6 year old nephew told his whole class how he celebrates Christmas on the 26th “because that is when my Kaa is here and Christmas is about spending time with loved ones.”

So Merry Christmas everyone.  I have to go board my plane now.

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