This morning the Santa Ana winds came ripping back into town.  It sounded like a roar of thunder outside my window at 5am but when I looked out into the darkness, I could see it was the winds.  My security sensor light went off as palm fronds flew past.  I just sighed in preparation for another day of wacky weather.

Yesterday, we had this freak rainstorm that came out of nowhere.  It was just a slight drizzle when I went down for bus duty at 3pm but then it was like someone dumped a bucket of water on me.  And being a native michigander, I was without an umbrella.  By the time all the buses were gone and I walked into the main office, every inch of my body was dripping with cold rain water.  I still had water running down my face when I told them that all the buses were gone.  Then I immediately went to my classroom to close everything up so I could head home.

On the drive home, I noticed the sky had this weird greenish/brown tint to it.  Then the lightning and thunder started up.  I remembered listening to the weather that morning and it didn’t say anything about rain, just the winds.

And the winds hit this morning.  I am listening as a garbage can outside keeps flying into the backdoor of my classroom.  It sounds like a hurricane out there.  When I went to sign in, the door flung open and a rug flew up to greet me with a nice morning smack in the face.  Another teacher was walking past to help me get the rug back down in the hallway and close the outside door.  This is going to be an INTERESTING day!