OK, I know I mock the Los Angeles news about their STORMWATCH broadcasts but for once, maybe they were right on the money. They were warning about the high winds. All I have to say is “They’re Here!”

It sounds like a severe rainstorm out in my backyard but it is just the wind blowing the leaves around. At times, it sounds like a big rig truck or even a train heading toward the house.

I live in an old house build in 1925. The winds are rattling. I keep thinking that the big bad wolf is outside telling me he will huff and he will puff and blow my house down. And the scary part, this is just the beginning. This is supposed to last for days.

The cats don’t know what to make of all this. Elvira is seeking comfort in her carrier. Missy, my curious kitty, is looking out the window, watching everything happening out in the yard.

I have been watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix but I paused it just to listen to the storm. The whole house is rattling. It is very foreboding. I hope I don’t lose power because I have no idea where I packed my flashlights.